Hi! I'm Nora

I’m a writer and producer with a background in comedy, fashion, travel, beauty and wellness. I love to tell stories and help others create and implement their vision. In 2009 I graduated with a masters in Art History and French Literature (widely considered the most employable degree available). Luckily for me the economy was burning to the ground that year and although I tried carpet-bombing London and New York with my CV,  no one banged the door down with job offers. So I was forced to get creative about my career.

After a quick stint in PR writing press releases for cashmere loo roll and Christmas pudding I threw caution to the wind (which only a 23 year old with an underdeveloped frontal lobe might) and moved to Bali to work in garment production. Creatively inspired by the mysterious magic quality on the island of the gods, I started my own jewellery company called Pure Dead Brilliant, with dreams of converting the masses to share my passion for oversized statement pieces. PDB launched just as itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny knuckle rings and earrings took the market by storm. My architectural bracelets and slogan-stamped knuckle rings were meant for a different decade. But I learned a lot, and what I loved most about running a business (besides designing) was writing my website content and press releases. I liked it so much I did it for friends and fellow business owners, I was the go-to-girl when someone needed a bio, press releases or product descriptions. 

They say that in your 20s you look for love in all the wrong places. I returned to New York (very tanned, no money) and still dreamt of making a career writing, so the obvious next step was to work as a production assistant on various film sets around NYC. I fetched Nicki Minaj salads, watched Tina Fey film her final episode of 30 Rock in the sweltering September heat from a respectful 2-block distance, and witnessed Adam Driver repeatedly attempt to maneuver rollerblades in Bushwick. Mostly I smoked a lot of cigarettes on street corners at 3am, and didn’t once put pen to paper professionally.

I then worked at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for two years (still no writing). I did learn how a late night show operates and how to write a comedy sketch. All the while, I wrote on the side - until I mysteriously fell ill with acute liver failure. It was a wild ride of operations and hospitalizations. As a result, I am now a liver transplant recipient committed to helping to end the organ donor waiting list in my lifetime. I talk about all things transplant on my personal blog: here.  Faced with the prospect of losing my life, I decided there was no point in wasting more time just dreaming about writing for a living and started where I was (which, at the time, was my hospital bed). I'm also passionate about taking care of your body through nutrition and am a certified holistic health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Outside of work I'm into seeing live music, meditation, yoga and practicing French, Spanish, Italian and Indonesian on unsuspecting members of the public - whether they speak the language or not.