gillian c.

Melbourne, Australia

I had my first breath work session with Nora last night. If I'm honest, I really didn't know what to expect. Nora made me feel immediately at ease and gently opened our practice. She guided me through the breathing routine that I would follow for around thirty minutes.  During the breath work I felt strange tingling sensations through my body intensify. I found it quite difficult to sit with this especially towards the end, but Nora was supportive and encouraging. As we came out of the breath work and into more of a calmer meditative state, I felt a flush of emotions, overwhelming love and gratitude. It was quite the journey and I experienced a beautiful high. Today I feel light and breezy and at ease with my world. I would definitely like to do this practice more often. I was truly surprised by the power of my breath alone and believe this practice is a positive way to recognise and honour emotions that can get buried within ourselves as we go about our day to day. Thank you Nora for sharing this with me.

Anna B.

Brooklyn, NY

Nora has a natural nurturing and powerful energy. Her voice, her presence, and her utmost confidence in you contribute to an amazing session. I work 70 hour weeks and am constantly stressed. In just an hour, Nora miraculously put me in a state of ultimate relaxation, the kind of calm I haven't felt in years. I'd recommend connecting with Nora to anyone no matter where they are along their journey. Not only did I feel energized and refreshed after the session, I've been breathing better ever since. It's a truly transformative experience!

Laura M.

Gold Coast, Australia

I undertook my first breathwork session under the guidance of Nora. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. I had been interested in learning breathwork for a while and after following Nora on Instagram through her health and healing journey I knew she was someone with amazing life experiences that I could learn from. Nora was friendly and empathetic and I felt instantly at ease with her. I loved being able to learn from the comfort of my own home. The breathwork session was more spiritual than I expected (which I loved). I felt that through the different types of breathing I relaxed deeper into a meditative state. I felt heavy and tingly but calm. I also experienced vivid dreams in the days following my session. I think breathwork will help in my life journey and would love to continue sessions Nora.